« Bad Milo » : un film sur un démon qui vit dans votre anus

Le Tryangle aime les films étranges, et là, on est servi :

Bad Milo centers on Duncan (Ken Marino, in a great performance), whose life has come to an impasse. His creepy boss (Patrick Warburton, the Tick!) is forcing him to fire people and embezzle money from the employee retirement fund. His wife, Sarah (Community’s Gillian Jacobs), is pushing him to get pregnant. And his parents are both kind of nuts. So it’s no surprise that all this stress has given him horrible intestinal difficulties. The thing is, he doesn’t just have a polyp in his colon, as the doctor suspects. He’s got a butt demon. And whenever he gets mad, it claws its way out of his ass and murders someone.

Source : Bad Milo is a movie with heart — and it’s about an ass demon.