Disinformation rapporte l’histoire étonnante d’un homme qui risquerait pas moins de dix ans de prison pour avoir fait un tag anti-banque à la craie :

A North Park man is looking at more than a decade behind bars for using washable chalk to protest the banking industry. Jeff Olson is being charged with 13 counts of vandalism for writing anti-bank slogans on sidewalks outside three Bank of America branches.

A surveillance camera caught Olson in the act, writing on the sidewalk in front of a Bank of America in North Park. Olson admits it: “I wrote ‘No thanks big banks,’ I wrote ‘Shame on Bank of America,’” he said.

But the city attorney’s office — after receiving multiple emails from a high ranking bank security manager — decided to charge Olson with 13 counts of misdemeanor vandalism.

Olson’s attorney argued in motions Tuesday morning that this is free speech written in easily cleanable chalk, but Judge Howard Shore disagreed, saying this case has nothing to do with free speech.

Cela semble un peu fort et mériterait qu’on y jette un gros œil, n’est-ce pas ?

Source : California Man Could Face Decade In Jail For Writing Anti-Bank Slogans In Chalk – disinformation.

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