Les 10 meilleures théories sur l’assassinat de Kennedy

io9 s’est amusé à recenser les 10 théories les plus fréquentes sur l’assassinat du Président Kennedy, et oui, il y a les Illuminatis :

November 22 marked the 51st anniversary of the death of President Kennedy — a tragedy that changed the course of history. It also spawned the greatest conspiracy-generating machine of all time.

You don’t have to be Oliver Stone to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald wasn’t actually a lone nut with suspiciously good aim, though if you want a primer on the most popular Kennedy assassination theories, Stone’s epic JFK is a good place to start.

But beyond Donald Sutherland’s Mr. X (his scenes are great, but I’m pretty sure « X » stands for « exposition »), Kevin Costner’s ludicrous New Orleans accent, and the battle for most distracting wig ‘twixt Joe Pesci and Tommy Lee Jones, lie ever more far-out notions about who killed the President, and why. Screw the Warren Commission — journey with us onto the grassy knoll to unearth the 10 best (and worst, because sometimes the worst is the best) JFK assassination conspiracy theories … no tin foil hat required.

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