Petit guide de la possession démoniaque

Être possédé par un démon peut avoir l’air horrible comme ça – les contorsions doivent probablement causer de nombreux problèmes de dos. Mais je vous arrête tout de suite : toutes les possessions démonaiques ne sont pas mauvaise. Le blog américain Io9 nous gratifie d’un excellent article sur la question :

The Worst Demons To Get Possessed By

The Five Best and Five Worst Demons to Get Possessed By

5) Aquiel

Aquiel is a demon who presides over Sundays, and because he’s a demon in Christian mythology, he does everything he can to destroy and degrade the practice of keeping the Sabbath holy. That doesn’t sound too bad. But consider what kind of damage he could do if he possessed the wrong person. That’s right, this demon possesses one senator, and suddenly the entire state of Wisconsin has the “right” to work seven days a week without a single day off. Just sayin’.

4) Surgat

Many of the demons on this list are first mentioned in the Great Grimoire of Honorius. Who was Honorius? Historians aren’t sure, but they think that he was Honorius III, who was the Pope from 1216 to 1227. Whether he wrote the book or not, Honorius is famous among popes for deliberately doing ceremonies to summon demons so he could then banish the demons back down to hell. Apparently, he wanted to be ready to fight Satan at any time, and the demons were his sparring partners. Surgat, of all of these, earns his place on the scary list because he can’t be shaken. He’s described in Honorius-the-Professional-Demon-Ejector’s book with one sentence: “Surgat is he who opens all locks.”

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