Maintenant que l’Apocalypse Maya est derrière nous, what’s next ? Et bien la prochaine étape dans notre quotidien d’homme moderne aux prises avec des tueurs de masse, des typhons et la surpopulation, c’est le Ragnarök viking, et c’est prévu pour février :

According to Norse mythology the Vikings have their own version of doomsday and it is fast approaching. The end of the world has come and gone several times over the last few years, from the turn of the millennium to the Mayan apocalypse, mankind seems obsessed with the fear of armageddon and the demise of all life as we know it. The next such event, known as Ragnarok, is based on Norse mythology and tells of events leading up to the end of days. The countdown begins with the blowing of the horn of the Norse god Heimdallr to signify the world’s impeding destruction which is allegedly due to happen on February 22nd 2014.

On va pouvoir vendre du papier ! Je lance la rumeur : il paraît que Bugarach va survivre au Ragnarok…

Source : Brace Yourself: Ragnarok is Coming in February – disinformation.

Photo de Une : Photo Credit: hans s via Compfight cc

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