S’il vous est déjà de vous mettre en colère contre Dieu et d’agiter votre petit poing contre le ciel, pas d’inquiétudes, c’est tout à fait normal, selon une étude publiée en janvier dernier dans le Journal of Personality and Social Psychology :

« The anger often stems from the belief that God is responsible for bad experiences, according to the research […]. Butanger isn’t an indication that someone is turning his or her back on God, said study researcher and Case Western Reserve University psychologist Julie Exline.

« People can be angry at God while still feeling love or respect toward God, » Exline told LiveScience. « In other words, the feelings are not mutually exclusive. »

The 1988 survey revealed that 62 percent of people were sometimes angry at God. Women, people who were more highly educated and younger individuals all showed a slightly greater tendency toward God-directed anger. White people were more likely than black people to report such religious anger, and Jews and Catholics were slightly more angry than Protestants. »

La précision des études américaines est toujours délicieusement incorrecte pour tout palais non-tryangulaire. Pas pour nous.

Source : At God We Rage: Anger at the Almighty Found to Be Common | LiveScience.

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