Les Sources Occultes: la bande annonce

Le très attendu film de Laurent Courau, fondateur de La Spirale et maitre es cyberpunk, vient de se doter d’une nouvelle bande-annonce plus détaillée. On y retrouve les grands thèmes chers à son auteur, et l’ambiance de la Demeure du Chaos. A découvrir.

Le communiqué de presse :

The Abode of Chaos, Saint-Romain-au-Mont-d’Or (France) – The second trailer has been released for THE OCCULT SOURCES from The Abode of Chaos and the Organ Museum. A dark, dreamlike tale, the web-series and the following film traces the initiatory journey of two children deep inside the labyrinth of the Abode of Chaos. Between dread and wonder, the revelation of a shifting zone at the Gates of Future and Hell.

THE OCCULT SOURCES was directed by Laurent Courau, whose previous release, ‘Vampyres’, has gained international recognition by documenting the vampyre subculture both in the USA and Europe, whilst the script was co-written by Thierry Ehrmann, sculptor, author of the Abode of Chaos and founder of the Server Group and of Artprice, and Laurent Courau.

The web-series will be launched this autumn on Vimeo, followed by the film in the beginning of 2015. Both will be released for free, to pay tribute to the hundreds of volunteers who participated to THE OCCULT SOURCES. Also an obvious choice with regard to our will to remain independent, self-sufficient and respect the DIY ethic that has nourished us for years.

Pour en savoir plus sur Laurent Courau, consultez notre interview.