L’illustrateur des pages « Sexe » de Wikipédia est une légende anonyme

Si vous vous êtes déjà renseigné sur des pratiques sexuelles sur Wikipedia, vous êtes sûrement déjà tombé sur les illustrations d’un certain Seedfeeder. Essayez fisting, gokkun ou encore pegging. L’artiste anonyme aurait contribué à pas moins de 48 dessins érotiques (et plus) gratuitement pour l’encyclopédie en ligne. Kinja lui consacre un article et a réussi à lui poser quelques questions :

His style is unmistakable, and nearly as striking as his subject matter: Clean vector graphics, gradient colors, blank and ominous backgrounds. Seedfeeder has written that he was inspired by airline safety manuals, with which he shares a kind of calming sterility. Instead of inflating their life preservers during an emergency landing, Seedfeeder’s placid crash-test dummies are engaged in coitus, but the point is the same: Airline brochures and the Wikipedia articles Seedfeeder chooses to illustrate are both here to teach you about what it’s like when you get fucked.

Wikipedia's Greatest Sex Illustrator Is an Anonymous Legend: Seedfeeder

The legend of Seedfeeder begins six years ago with an image called Semfac01.png, still available on Wikipedia. It depicts a facial: At the left of the frame, we see a white woman, face unsettlingly forlorn, covered in semen, still dripping from the erect penis of a black man, standing with his upper body out of frame. It’s maybe a bit rough, as would characterize the early style of any master, but the hallmark’s of Seedfeeder’s work are there—the gentle light, the quiet characterizations. Seedfeed uploaded the PNG in early July 2008. Within days it was added[1] to the Wikipedia page for « Facial (sex act). »

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