SickTanick : Occult Rap ?

SickTanick fait de « l’Occult Rap » selon ses propres mots. Voici sa biographie trouvée sur Disinformation :

Not long after hitting his teenage years he found a obsession with the occult, being turned away from church and “god” he found a path to a more dark way of life, Satanism. Reading Anton Lavey’s “The Satanic Bible” and all of its companions, he soon became secluded from the outside world. Lavey’s writings were never enough, he soon delved into many books by Aleister Crowley, The man who was once labeled “The most wicked man on earth”, and other occult related books such as the Necronomicon, The Black Arts, And many books on Necromancy and Necromantik Rites. This opened a new world for SickTanick and would come into play much more then he thought in his daily life.

Et le rappeur SickTanick est un ferveur contributeur de l’Hermetic Library, jouant un rôle réel dans la communauté du Web Occulte. Voici une couverture d’un single de SickTanick pour inspirer Booba: