La vente d’armes peut-elle être sociale ?

Le Tea Party américain a procédé à une vente d’armes automatiques pour réunir des fonds pour soutenir leur candidat aux prochaines élections, comme l’explique le site WLOS :

The TEA Party hosted a ”machine gun social” in Brevard on Saturday.  Supporters paid $25-$50 to fire an automatic weapon.  The TEA Party says the money raised will be used to pay for political advertising.  The fundraiser caused some controversy.  People opposed to the fundraiser said the ”machine gun social” was in bad taste and made the town look bad.

Brillante idée qui avait, cependant, connu un précédent. Dans les commentaires de l’article, les membres du tea Party défendent l’évènement :

Correction: This was an Asheville Tea PAC event. Not an ATP event. It was very successful. Many attended included folks from SC, PA and FL and from across the state. Physicians, pharmacists, teachers, construction workers, retired folks and students. to name a few, came. Economically, it brought needed dollars to the area. It was done with experts, with the proper equipment, and in a safe location. And, above all, we exercised our second amendment rights to help Constitutionally conservative candidates, iCaucus endorsed, to get elected. Thanks to everyone who made this possible and for all of the fine folks who supported the event and our candidates like Bear Arms Indoor Range and PF Custom Guns. We had a great time. Thank you!

Et vous, achèteriez-vous des armes à feu pour soutenir votre webzine favori ?

Source : Disinfo, WLOS